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Consider the nurse who tends to your loved one recovering from sickness or surgery. The technician who keeps your car or boat motor running as good as new. The EMT and Fireman that save lives every day without hesitation.

Think about the faculty member who helps foster a student's passion for science and encourages him or her to aim for a medical degree. The student government association president or honor society association president who develops leadership skills for life. Or the individual who just lost their job, discovers opportunities he/she never thought possible.

CCC people make our community a better place.

Higher education, builds better communities. When you give to the CCC Foundation, you give to your community. Whether your gift funds student scholarships, strengthens programs, enhances facilities or addresses other needs - every dollar donated to the CCC Foundation is a commitment to a better future for the community of Carteret County.

Faculty & Staff

Ryan Adrick, Applied Sciences - Photography

Student and Community Workshop - The Alternative & Camera Less Image Making Workshop and Artist Lecture

Jason Smith, Arts & Sciences - Fine Arts

Student and Community Workshop - Painting Techniques Workshop & Artist Lecture

David Cerino, Arts & Sciences - Aquaculture Technology

Coral Aquaculture at CCC - installation of hard coral and soft coral display tank to house "mother colonies" that can be fragmented for production of corals and aquarium tanks.

Pam Brecheisen, Corporate & Community Education - Basic Skills Department

REACH (Reading Enhanced Academic Content-based HELP) is a proposed program of materials designed to provide academic content that is enhanced with a life-skills reading series.

Kris Workman, Corporate & Community Education - Technology

Computer Technology Training for the Unemployed, funds to offset cost for students to obtain training essential for the workplace. This project will fund the training materials that students will borrow. Once the student completes the training, they will return the materials to us so that we can provide training to more students in similar circumstances.

Vonda Godette, Health Sciences - Medical Assisting

My Plate Nutrition, this two-part project involves both diploma and degree seeking students. My Plate Nutritional Experience project and Patient Education Diet Therapy Presentations are one and two year student projects. Students participate in groups in class to learn and prepare plates for a variety of different diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, etc.

Trisha Miller, Health Sciences - Resperatory Therapy

Pulse Oximetry use in Simulation: Placing a Real Pulse Ox on a manikin and obtaining a desired result. Equipment needed: Masimo Rad-5 fully featured hand-held pulse oximeter.

Brandon Dyer, Student Services - Safe Zone Project

The Safe Zone Project creates a safe environment across the entire campus. The heart of this project provides students, faculty, and staff opportunities to develop skills and knowledge needed to create a campus that is safe, welcoming, and supportive to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) student population.

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